Prevention of the Culture of Violence

In winter of 2019, I lived in Seattle, Washington at the time. I drove from Tacoma to Seattle one night to watch the performance of Lingua Ignota and The Daughters. The atmosphere was grand. I have never been inside this legendary club called Nemo’s. Everything was beautiful that night. I saw Lingua’s exhilarating performance and I caught four songs of The Daughter’s spazzatic noise-to-the-walls noisegaze … Continue reading Prevention of the Culture of Violence

Geeta Windstorm show on Thursday September 16th via HKCR Online Radio

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to conduct a online radio show for HKCR online radio station. I play a wide variety of underground extreme music from artist all over the world. The genres include: Ambient/Drone/Doom/Experimental/Black whether it be electronics/metal/classical/folk/ritual/Post-/-gaze and the like. This month is picking up must steam. My set list is packed up to an hour of underground music. The show will air … Continue reading Geeta Windstorm show on Thursday September 16th via HKCR Online Radio

A Green Mind: The Mountain Refuge-Prefab Homes

The Mountain Refuge is a new architectural design firm created by two Italian architectural designers: Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi. The both met at Polytechnic University in Milan during their studies in architectural design. Both of them share philosophical similarites led them to collaborate on various projects; thus, co-funding the Mountain Ridge firm. Furthermore, the mountain ridge prefab/tiny house firm is there genesis. Massimo and … Continue reading A Green Mind: The Mountain Refuge-Prefab Homes

Notes from the Underground #4

For people north of the border or near, thisquietarmy and Phillip Leonard had a live Audio-Visual performance for Mute Montreal at Place Des Arts in Montreal, Canada this past Thursday. However, there will be a replay of a multi-cam stream via Virtual Mutek platform next week. The schedule posted below: Virtual Play 6 – Première (MTL)09.01 | 20:00_21:25 User timeLive A/V: 20:45_21:25 User time Virtual … Continue reading Notes from the Underground #4

Proposal For All: Into the Green with Robin Falck

There is an architectural craftsman from Helsinki name Robin Falck. His approach to design is simplistic and empirical much like a sculpting craftsman. On instagram the other day, a proposal for all photo of his work popped up on my feed. It was a design for Nolla Cabin. There was a 2018 competition sponsored by Finnish renewable energy company Neste. Robin Falck use this opportunity … Continue reading Proposal For All: Into the Green with Robin Falck

(((Notes from the Underground #2)))

Hey, HKCR online radio just aired and posted on soundcloud my radio show GEETA WINDSTORM. It was my mix for the month of August. I will have another mix for the month of September featuring more Ambient/Drone/Doom/Black genre based music in experimental/metal/gaze/Post-/electronics, etc. In October and November, I will produce a live set for my ambient metal/doomgaze/doom electronics project Marishiten. I may find another artist … Continue reading (((Notes from the Underground #2)))

Lights, Camera & Sound: 10 years of footage from South America to Japan

10 years ago, I had to opportunity to capture Kazuki Tomokawa films on Vincent Moon’s website. Kazuki was recorded in three parts. I watch all three. I was amazed at the class, style and technique harnessed by this purist of a filmographer. Too add, there was a story behind Kazuki’s film. It’s an area of Osaka where tourist may not roam around certain hours of … Continue reading Lights, Camera & Sound: 10 years of footage from South America to Japan

(((Notes From the Underground)))

Viviankrist of Gallhammer solo doom electronics projects are picking up steam. Under Viviankrist, she recently did a colaboration with Maniac (Ex-Mayhem) experimental project KOGNITIV KOLLAPSE. It’s a remix album with both artist contributing a song with a remix of each others songs. But, Viviankrist is bringing the heat with a new CD Digipack/Digital release on August 27, 2021 on bandcamp entitled Korrumpert Integritet. Also, her … Continue reading (((Notes From the Underground)))