Marishiten’s Ambient Metal/Vermilion Project’s Experimental Drone in May HKCR Online radio via Cloudy Ku.

I have been constructing an experimental project for the past two and half years. Finally, I have begun to cultivate what I coin as “Ambient Metal.” My Ambient Metal project consist of elements from Drone/Ambient/Doom Noise/Harshnoise and with the use of FL Studio drum kits/effects. It took time and experimentation to create this project. I’m proud; for, this is the beginning of a series of what I call “Meditations.” Marishiten can be found here.

The influences from this project range from NADJA/Aidan Baker to Corrupted (Japanese Sludge/Doom Metal legends) to Fear Falls Burning (Dirk Serries guitar-drone moniker) to Sunn 0))) to GARMR (Drone-Doom Noise one man project with black metal elements) to Neurosis/Tribes of Neurot to Mick Harris/JK Broadrick collective experimental projects, etc.

Cloudy Ku

From those influences, and finally I having freedom, time, knowledge, and tools to construct these sounds, I have been able to make this happen. I should have had this project going 15 years ago. But, distractions keep from distance from my TRUE destiny and my TRUE culture. My plans to start performing live will be later this year anywhere in the world I am able to travel to.

I’m thankful that CloudyKu (a DJ with her own show) & HKCR online radio allowed me the opportunity to play my music on their radio channels overseas. It’s like a dream. I wanted to play to an audience overseas, particularly in Asia, who would understand appreciate the enthusiasm and effort I put in creating this project.

The Vermillion Project

The next show I will play will be in May with an artist from Argentina called Vermillion Project. I had the opportunity to listen to her drone on bandcamp. It was some of the best, crisp, clean, artic drone I have heared since Godflesh’s Pure II on their Pure CD like the song below “Itako.” She is in south america working on her music and various art/film projects. I’m so honored she accepted my invitation to perform a song on this radio set. I hope to introduce other artist in the future via HKCR Online.

Itako by Vermillion

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