Lights, Camera, & Sound: Post-Cinema Discussion Part 1 continues………

I’m currently reading a book, a valuable source, about the Post-Cinema theory. The name is Post Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film by Shane Denson and Julia Leyda. I’m reading the Introduction section. I will get to Chapter 1 later weekend. From what I have read, the authors Shane and Julia give contrasting personal recollections from their childhood about cinema’s impact on their lives. It’s good to see these authors perspective about the subject. For they know how much of an impact cinema has shaped their lives. I mean, we are all media children. I myself was influenced by cinema; but, I love the fictional aspect of cinema; the unraveling a great story much like a good book.

However, I see that both these authors understood the growing concern for cinema’s transformations and transgressions throughout the decades. It’s funny how both had these stories about hanging out at the mall’s cinemaplex on weekends and their college years searching for videos or a televised format to watch movies. The amazing aspect is each story gave a picture of how one format change to another about every decade or so. Thus, various periods procuring what they translate as Post-Cinema.

Hence, these two videos are examples of the style of cinema I have experienced at the beginning of the 2010’s. The retrogressive format cinematography can be experienced through digital channel -whether Cellphone, Tablet, Laptop, and/or Wristwatch- in a intimate setting or multiple gathering of people in a private or public setting. I believe La Blogotheque and Petites Planetes were on to something they didn’t expect to catch like it has. They foresaw the culture and the environment of cinema needing to preserve, but progress to a level creating a broader community for artist, musicians, poets, actors, and writers to continue expressing story and fantasy in a safe, humble medium.

With these videos available from the web in a free user friendly site. It allows us the power to view in more private settings. However, we can still experience and reminiscent about time at that dollar cinema, that arthouse theater, at a film festival, at a concert, a local free screening, at a music festival, at someone’s home using a film/video projector, at a rooftop party or on your cellphone, laptop or tablet alone or with a friend experiencing the joy of a story, a song, a play, or live event. It all reflects that period in time we regress upon to regal future generations of stories about that time in history.

Henceforth, watch and enjoy these videos.When watching take a moment to stare a the surrounding, who you are with and what you are doing before and after. Because, COVID-19 was the one wake up call we didn’t expect. This Post-Cinema period is in peril and dire need of saving. Cinema is an art that we all adore. If, we want to continue the adoration and endearnment of cinematic moment, we must start paying attention to the community amongst us. We must start showing respect to ourselves. If we can’t, then a cinematic moment is lost, empty shell that feeds us a bunch of bullshit.

Cinema is an experience; not an imitation of life. It’s a pure art of action, emotions, words, and vision. Without it, we are hopeless sheep ready to be butchered, slaughtered, maimed, and tortured into feeble slaves. We become headless without imagination and blind to life’s wonders.


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