Proposal For All: Green Architecture in Africa becoming the new structural phenom?

Untitled Drone HAKM project

I follow an instagram page called Proposal For All. As written in its instagram page the mission statement is as follows: An artistic community of spaces dedicated to the production of new ideas. Located in a picturesque vision of the coastal Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, Proposal For All website is dedicated to the idea of using a creative space with a format (like, architecture, engineering and design) as a gateway to building communities with a strong artist flare. This would provide a different space or place to explore one’s ideas or one’s energies.

As I began to follow this page, it was very obvious Proposals For All tapped into a new territory; like with congresswoman Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez popularized political white paper the Green New Deal . I assume it proposes a “Green Economy” or “Green Infrastructure” to create jobs from present, natural resources as an alternative to fossil fuels, create safer-livable condition in coexistence with any environments (like inner city, rural, and suburban, etc.) and preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy. I have not done any research on the AOC‘s proposal; because I found the PDF and can finally read the Green New Deal in private. Thanks AOC for making this white paper available to the public for our reading informational pleasure.

Furthermore, I have been watching Proposal For All in my instagram feed. They post photos and video of spectacular structures created in various countries, environments and spaces with natural-organic materials with a strong artist flare. Below, I will briefly discuss a couple to catch my interest:

Straw Bale School Malawi

An artistic community of spaces dedicated to the production of new ideas. Located in a picturesque vision of the coastal Pacific Northwest.

Proposal For All mission statement
Overview of Aicha Luxury Camp

AICHA LUXURY CAMP IN WADI RUM DESERT – This desert renowned desert camp is located in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. One of the world’s biggest desert tourist attractions that has had tons of Hollywood productions filmed there. There are two cities you can travel to in North Africa to get to Aicha Luxury Camp. One city is Amman, Jordan and the other city is Tel Aviv, Israel. The eye dropping photos and the research i conducted about this place clearly regals it as a “Desert Oasis in the middle of a Desert Paradise.” I think in about 3 years, I could set foot in this place with my pedals, my laptop, my mixer, a backpack and my soul. A must visit for a traveler of the soul. AICHA LUXURY CAMP INSTAGRAM PAGE

Straw Bale School Malawi

STRAW BALE SCHOOL IN MALAWI EAST AFRICA – This school is located in the landlocked southeast Africa country of Malawi. The school structure is built on straw-bale construction method. From my research, this method is to create a straw bale wall building technique. However, my concern is the straw bale, itself. In a desert environment, it would hold up better due to the aridity. But, when the straw bale gets damp, grows mildew, there will be mold. You know mold in a living structure is the biggest No-No. Yet, I’m in awe by the photos of the structure of the school and the blue print designs of the phenomenal structure. It reminds of what calculus would look like once graphically designed in a 3-D or 4-D format on a computer while listening to a TOOL’s Parabol/Parabola in the background. STRAW BALE SCHOOL INSTAGRAM HASHTAG PAGE

I just never imagined that the day has come for us to venture into a different spectrum in space and design. Architecture and engineering both are a detriment to the future of our cultures, our planet and our species. Proposal For All just opened my eyes to the spectrum of ‘Green Culture.” With the rise of pollution, over population, exhaustion of natural materials and depleting soil. The land, earth, itself has become an almost exhausted source. The reliability of our planet hangs in the balance. It depends on our conscious thought and energy to preserve healthy, clean spaces to live, create, enjoy and reside. I would like to thank Proposals For All for creating their instagram page and sharing their vision, which has already begun to be a reality. Along with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on her Green New Deal. Hence, these formats are opening our eyes to the importance of education on the environment with use of mathematics, science, philosophy, and any other paradigm that exist to educate the masses on life and survival as a species in a possible peaceful, tranquil coexistence.

Man is his/her own worse enemy. Why do you think many people can’t look themselves in the mirror when filled with doubt, fear, anxiety and delusion? If you think smashing mirror is going to alleviate this problem; then, the worst is yet to come to surface. You can’t hide from yourself. No one can.


Straw Bale Classroom

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