Territoire performed in Gijon for Encaja 2 via Teatro Jovellanos

Dark electronics artist Territoire just performed another gloomy audiostream courtesy of Encaja 2 via Teatro Jovellanos program a few weeks ago. I’m still in awe of his audiostream performance on Roadburn Redux 2021 this past April. I wrote about it in my Roadburn Redux post. This performance had a small audience in attendance. Compared to his Roadburn Redux performance, it was a little toned down. It was like playing on the rooftop of a dilapidated old apartment building in front of friends and work compadres while they sit and sip on drinks as he performes the roar of his inner muse……

ROADBURN REDUX 2021 Performance

Regardless of the location, he still ripped a great set. I love intimate gathering like these. It’s great practice. It’s great energy. It’s a great tune up for live performances to come. Currently, the Delta variant is simmering in the air. Don’t forget to get vaccinated and stay safe. As much as I love going to live concerts, my health is much more prudent than watching a performance in a crowded concert hall or large room while being exposed to a life threating air toxin. Thanks Territoire and Encaja 2 for another one of his exhilarating gloomy dark electronic performance into…………ile du territoire obscur

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