(((Notes From the Underground)))

Viviankrist of Gallhammer solo doom electronics projects are picking up steam. Under Viviankrist, she recently did a colaboration with Maniac (Ex-Mayhem) experimental project KOGNITIV KOLLAPSE. It’s a remix album with both artist contributing a song with a remix of each others songs. But, Viviankrist is bringing the heat with a new CD Digipack/Digital release on August 27, 2021 on bandcamp entitled Korrumpert Integritet.

Also, her other project Gallkrist has done a demo cassette that’s sold out on both bandcamp/Black Goat Records; however, she has an new release coming possibly in October that includes guitar. From the sounds of the clip on instagram its a doomy hellbanger!

Aidan Baker of Nadja is contributing to a charity compilation for Somewherecold Records. As stated in his instagram post:

Somewherecold Records has done a charity compilation almost every year it has been active. Part of the ethos surrounding the record label is the need for art to do something positive in the world. This year, an open call went out for artists [including myself] to contribute tracks to a compilation in support of @trevorproject. The mission of “The Trevor Project is to end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning young people.” This mission involves education, counseling, helping LGBTQ+ young people with homelessness, and much more. 

Also, Nadja recently put out a new album Luminos Rot this past May, which can be ordered in the US through Southern Lord Records and on their bandcamp along with t-shirts and other releases. Also, for those in Europe you can order through @southernlordrecordingseurope in Amsterdam -or- @hausnostromo in Berlin. Too quote Nadja, NB – some of you (fellow Canucks, for example) might find the shipping rates cheaper coming from Berlin than the US, even with the exchange rate…

A few more things to inject……

For Black Metal of the leftist wing, there is an Antifascist Black Metal Network on Instagram and YouTube sites to update you on new and old projects as well festivals and concerts. Also, you can check out each band’s bandcamp, instagram and facebook pages for updates on their own activities.

A few bands to mention are Tumultous Ruin, Feminazgul, Lum, Dusk Lurker, Grat Strigoi, YOR, Unmother and Deception to name a few. I have to tell you these projects are passionate, brutal, enthusiastic in carrying the banner for the future of Black Metal.

Lastly, I bought a CD from thisquietarmy (Montreal Experimental Metal artist Eric Quach) which was a split with Hellenica. In the package, it had a flyer for Basses Frequences. A label known for releasing a variety of artist who performed drone in a variety of formats. It turns out this small CDR label was created back in 2007.

I found the bandcamp for Basses Frequences and it was a treasure chest of recording from thisquietarmy, Nadja, Aidan Baker, Asva (Stuart Dahlquist, ex-Burning Witch), Yellow 6, Stratosphere and Maninkari to name a few. These releases date back close to 15 years. At that time, I knew of Nadja along with Godspeed You Black Emperor, Final, Set Fires To Flames, Godflesh, Lull, Fear Falls Burning, Scorn/Lull (Mick Harris projects of the Drone/experimental nature) VItriol (BC Green of Godflesh ambient Guitar alchemical experiment album off Neurot Records) and Tribes of Neurot, etc.

At that time, all those projects represented and built the experimental genre whether it was called drone/drone metal/ambient/guitar drone/shoegaze/doomgaze/dreamsludge/power electronics/ritual ambient and so on……….for more information on Basses Frequences with a bandcamp loaded with CD, Vinyl and cassettes, also their wordpress, just click on the words “bandcamp” and “Basses Frequences” for wordpress.

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