Lights, Camera & Sound: 10 years of footage from South America to Japan

10 years ago, I had to opportunity to capture Kazuki Tomokawa films on Vincent Moon’s website. Kazuki was recorded in three parts. I watch all three. I was amazed at the class, style and technique harnessed by this purist of a filmographer. Too add, there was a story behind Kazuki’s film. It’s an area of Osaka where tourist may not roam around certain hours of the day. Hence, La Blogotheque is reposting in their instagram some of the films they have done from over 10 years ago. These videos can be found on their YouTube or Vimeo sites. The artist i posted below are Kazuki Tomokawa, Johnny Flynn and Chelsea Wolfe.




Each video have there moments in the music. There is something about the folk, acoustic guitar format that is restoring music innate spirituality. Each performer give breathtaking cumbersome -enthusiastic moments in a panorama of picturesque settings from Argentina, America and Japan. If you have a few moments to spare take a listen to each video and check Vincent Moon’s website or La Blogotheque’s YouTube or Vimeo for more videos by these performers and a multitude of performers from the past 15 years they have created these videos.

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