Proposal For All: Into the Green with Robin Falck

There is an architectural craftsman from Helsinki name Robin Falck. His approach to design is simplistic and empirical much like a sculpting craftsman. On instagram the other day, a proposal for all photo of his work popped up on my feed. It was a design for Nolla Cabin. There was a 2018 competition sponsored by Finnish renewable energy company Neste. Robin Falck use this opportunity to create the Nolla Cabin as a small structure with minimal carbon traces. A sort of mini-blueprint for minimizing carbon traces in building structures. Robin Falck isn’t a one hit wonder. If you check out his website, he has other projects on display that are geared toward minimal emissions, “very Green Positive.” His current clients include: Red Bull, Neste, Visit Finland and Sako, plus more.

Caudal – Murk

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