Notes from the Underground #4

TQA+Hellenica – Cave MIrage

For people north of the border or near, thisquietarmy and Phillip Leonard had a live Audio-Visual performance for Mute Montreal at Place Des Arts in Montreal, Canada this past Thursday. However, there will be a replay of a multi-cam stream via Virtual Mutek platform next week. The schedule posted below:

Virtual Play 6 – Première (MTL)
09.01 | 20:00_21:25 User time
Live A/V: 20:45_21:25 User time

Virtual Play 6 – Replay (EU)
09.02 | 14:00_15:25 User time
Live A/V: 14:45_15:25 User time

Virtual Play 6 – Replay (JP)
09.02 | 07:00_08:25 User time
Live A/V: 07:45_08:25 User time

For those over in Europe, Tashii Dorji guitarist of manas is heading to Europe for close to 2 months of touring. Currently, he is doing a week and a half east coast tour in support of Cloud Nothings. They play tonight in Brooklyn at Elsewhere and tomorrow in Boston at Sinclair. During his European tour, he will perform in his free jazz/improvisation band Kuzu and his solo guitar act. Too add, he has a drone project under the name Mount. This project has numerous digital releases on bandcamp. This musician and any of his projects you don’t want to miss. I saw him in manas when they opened for Godspeed You Black Emperor in Atlanta a few years ago. They are the business!

Over in Europe, there is this Dark Ambient/Gothic-Seance artist named Marla Van Horn. I discovered her on instagram. Her style is a unique blend of dark ambient/drone with chanteuse vocals. Her experimental/dark photography is in accord with her music. You can check out her instagram for some of her gothic/vampiric/dark experimental photography along with videos clips playing her music. She is currently finishing an EP with sound artist TUKAHDUS. They have collaborated on numerous songs in the past. Check her soundcloud and bandcamp for her past and present releases.

Over in Taiwan, Jazz Szu-Chen Ying has been a busy bee the past few month especially, during one of Taiwan’s lockdown. First, she was a guest DJ on Cheng Daoyuan radio broadcast on HKCR online radio this past August. Second, she did a customized T-shirt with Levi’s Taiwan back in July. Third, she drew a piece for the Berggruen Institute‘s Noema Magazine article entitled, “A Mischievous Bird of Prey.” Lastly, she gearing up for another art exhibit in the near future. I will post date and location of the event when she leaks the news.

Finally, the Sonic Nurse Anne Sulikowski has just put out a new video for a song from her new digital album released on bandcamp yesterday titled “Unquiet Mind.” Plus, it was her birthday. So, Happy Birthday and here is the video (below) to the title song Unquiet Mind.”

(((That’s the Notes from the Underground)))

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