Geeta Windstorm show on Thursday September 16th via HKCR Online Radio

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to conduct a online radio show for HKCR online radio station. I play a wide variety of underground extreme music from artist all over the world. The genres include: Ambient/Drone/Doom/Experimental/Black whether it be electronics/metal/classical/folk/ritual/Post-/-gaze and the like. This month is picking up must steam. My set list is packed up to an hour of underground music.

The show will air at 7pm HKG/4am PST on Thursday September 16th. You can listen live on HKCR online website of wait until it is uploaded on their soundcloud. In October and November, I’m hope to provide a live set of music from Marishiten (my Ambient Doom Metal project) and another artist with a live interview and performance. Everything is up in the air. For now, here is the list for September 16th show:

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