GEETA Windstorm First Show of 2022

I started a radio show with the hopes of having live acts, live interviews producing a music compilation, and live streaming. So far, I performed a live pre-recorded set and created Ambient Communion (two down, two to go). This show has been going strong. The numbers are where they should be. I’m proud of what has become of the GEETA WINDSTORM show on HKCR ONLINE RADIO. I have one of the few shows that plays Anti-Fascist Black Metal, Ambient Black Metal, Experimental Metal, Ambient Metal, Drone Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal, Doom Metal, Doomgaze, Doom Electronics, Dark Electronics, Experimental Classical, Dark Ambient, Drone, Ambient, and Free Jazz, etc. Anything that falls into the category of experimental, metal, or avant-garde will be featured on my show.

I plan to have another live set in the near future from my project Marishiten, other musicians who I have played on my show, and possibly, one of my on my Ambient Communion comrades Einsamkeit and/or Altum (who will be featured on the Ambient Communion II). There are a limited number of cassettes available from the first Ambient Communion (featuring Marishiten & Einsamkeit) available on the Marishiten Bandcamp.

Below, is the first radio show of 2022. This show was all about the Doom! It featured the following songs:

  • Marishiten – Exit Humanity/Untitled Part 1 (Live) (Ambient Doom Metal)
  • Toul En Ihuern (from the Atone collaboration project) – Candle (Antifascist Ambient Black Metal/Funeral Doom)
  • Lost Hours – He Whose Limbs Shatters Mountains, Whose Back Scrapes the Sky (Doom (XEdgEX) Metal)
  • Luxul – Alone, For A Second (Doom Electronics)

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