Communion in Lost Translation live set on GEETA WINDSTORM June 24th from Paris…..)))))))

I am posting my live improv set of titled Communion in Lost Translation that was aired on GEETA WINDSTORM show on June 24th last Friday via HKCR online radio. I recently made the transition to move over to France for the time being two months ago. More about that later.

There is more in the works for MARISHITEN. Live performances here in Paris and other European cities are in the works. I’m working on a logo design, the AMBIENT COMMUNION II album is in the works featuring ALTUM, MONOVOTH, and EINSAMKEIT along with MARISHITEN.

Things are in progress as we speak in the butchering HUMIDITY of PARIS. Next month, there will be another artist to be feature in a live video performance from PARIS.

The artist name is CIGVE who is an ambient-drone guitarist on the Titania Tapes label out of France. CIGVE will perform live for the next show in the same format as this video with a few extras to add.

For now, here is my live set from PARIS via Nouveaux Studio Campus here in Paris at 12 Rue Froment 75011. A great DIY spot for underground artist on a budget or need a quiet spot to rehearse or to record.

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