The Metamorphosis is coming in 2023.

My Ambient Doom Metal project MARISHITEN will be putting out a conceptual album with remixes of old songs, some new songs, experimental photos with poems and possible experimental video. This dystopian based theme conceptualizes our Post-COVID consciousness instantly. MARISHITEN is receiving all sorts of toxic aura derived from the pandemic presence and absence. MARISHITEN can see this opaque BIJA as a light shining in the tunnel of our feeble consciousness.


Furthermore, how can anybody develop stronger and palpable consciousness when they are stagnant in regression and suppression? I, much like MARISHITEN, believe COVID was a sign. It was a straight power hose wash to the face. We must wake up and seek inner-development. We must rise from the sordid ashes of a dishelved past and turn on the lights in the dark damp basement we have hide in since the beginning of this toxic blitzkrieg. Instead of joining in with the rest of the scavangers, destroy the one scavanger who has feasted on you soul…….the one that resides within. Hence, enter THE METAMORPHOSIS


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