Ambient Communion II Pre-sale video teaser

I have created a video teaser for the upcoming Ambient Communion II compilation. This compilation includes four one-man projects from different parts of the world. Monovoth (Argentina), Einsamkeit (Costa Rica), Altum (United Kingdom), and Marishiten (France, nomadic). This compilation was birth during the COVID-19 era. At a time, when the ambient metal/experimental metal genre began to pick up steam from trailblazers, precedessors like Nadja, Godflesh, thisquietarmy, and SUNN O))) to name a few.

Those bands birth this genre, to which, has influenced an infestation of bedroom artist and side-project enthusiased artist seeking some sort of creative outlet to bring themselves closer to psychical creative unconsicous complexity in sound + metal + art = experimental metal music. A communion of the mind, body, and spirit are presented in this compilation from various experimental music styles with unlimited possiblities. Thus, we have encountered the AMBIENT COMMUNION. It serves its purpose as the artist expresses a sound from the darkest pits of the psyche to the highest plateaus of the soul. Every artist on this compilation and future compilations will soon discover this for themselves the power of the COMMUNION. Enjoy the video.

In Sound We Communicate.


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