HKCR Fundraiser Compilation Bandcamp Friday

On this bandcamp Friday, I have the distinct pleasure to present the HKCR online radio annual Fundraiser. This annual fundraising compilation features resident DJ’s working with HKCR online radio, this include my Ambient Doom Metal project Marishiten. The following resident DJ’s featured on this compilation are: 3xOJ, acadjmia, Arigto, Bios Contrast, braun.aar, C.SIDE, CNDSD & VIIAAN, DJ Waste, MENTE 3000, Misty Penguin, MZA, Nerve, Noooodle King, OhSeven, Opal Beau, Passwar D, personalbrand, Primordial Om, richtie, Rosa Anschütz, SNKLS, sophulate, Sugar Ross, Verschrin, Viviankrist, XAN, YOZY, 摩利支天 (Marishiten).

You can go to HKCR online bandcamp to to purchase the compilation. My current show GEETA WINDSTORM is played montlhy on Tuesdays Hong Kong and Paris time at 2000hrs(8pm) HKT/1300hrs(1pm) Paris time. You can go to HKCR online soundcloud to check out the various shows HKCR resident DJ’s above have done. Again, Thanks for those who can support and this radio show will continue to support international underground radio.

Also, I have a surprise for the February addition of HKCR online. A big surprise. Just follow Marishiten’s instagram to find out what this surprise will unveil….a live guest….a guest DJ…..a live interview…..a live performance……it’s 2023. It is time for something new. One last thing, my Ambient Communion II compilation will have CD’s. Presale for the CD’s are available. I should have CD’s ready to ship in late March. Details are on Marishtien’s bandcamp.


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