(((Notes from the Underground #5)))

Sorry for such a long and dreadful hiatus. However, this will be a busy season for the Bodhi. What’s new? Well….for one, I live in Paris currently and amidst my asylum problems, I have managed to put some things together. So, without further ado, here are the notes from the underground…..

First, I’m currently working on a split with Ghostloop that could be picked up by a label later this month. This split is based on our field recordings being converted into ambient soundscapes. As you know, I have a new side project XNeZeNX (Depressive Doom/Dystopian Doom). This will be the project to be featured on the split.

Second, I’m currently working on an online interview with multidisciplinary artist Black Arrows (Alice Karveli) from the UK. She does a little bit of everything in the art underground like perform experimental music, live painting, and tattooing; we will know more when I conduct the live interview. Also to note, she does a side project with Doom Electronics artist LUXUL and sound artist RAXIL4 named Crepundia. The online interview will be available this spring. A live interview will follow a little later….

Third, Ambient Communion II CDs will be available later this month. I will limit the number to 60. I will print t-shirts for 30 CDs The t-shirts will be available in S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes. Hence, this will be a Tshirt/CD bundle for 30 CDs. I will have first batch of 10 t-shirts/CD bundle available this late March. This means 2 t-shirts will be available per size for the first batch of the t-shirt/CD bundle.

Fourth, Ambient Communion III will start going into the production phase in April to May. In which, I will have 2 other editions in the works: first, an All-Female Experimental Metal edition and Drone Metal/Experimental Doom Metal edition. 

XNeZeNX & Devolish Woman

Fifth, XNeZeNX is creating a collaborative project with the one and only Devolish Woman. It will be a 3 song e.p. featuring her Dark Art photography. The cover photo being the muse fueling this Depressive Doom/DSBM soundtrack.  Above video is a teaser 1 minute YouTube video of the cover photo and Depressive Doom sonics.

Lastly, Marishiten will have a new song on Bandcamp Friday, March 3rd; also, a video of the song will be posted on YouTube. This song will be released with an EP of Ambient Doom Metal compositions later this spring. An ambient doom sonic exploration in the path of Marici spirit)))…..

That’s all for the Notes from the Underground. There will be more to come in the coming weeks.


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