(((Notes From The Underground #Special Edition-Purgatory)))

What do you get when you mix extreme underground metal, extreme asian cinema, gangsta movies, tatted up metal models, and a taste for Texas Tea….PURGATORY!! This show is a part of MARCOS ORLANDO TV productions. I don’t know the whole history behind MARCOS ORLANDO LLC, but they are based out of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Every show starts off with a clip from one of those italian gangsta flicks where some Italian gangsta tells his friend lying in a hospital room on the bed, “You didn’t go to hell! You went to Purgatory my friend….” Afterwhich, clips of anime, of hentai, or of a gangsta flicks are being played to the sickest goregrind ever unearth for any metalhead listening (dis)pleasure.

…..because They Are Not Just Talking, They Are Acting! They Are Doing! THEY ARE CREATING!

Bodhi about Purgatory show existence

I believe this show has been running for the past three to four years, now! I discovered it off Instagram. One of the hostess TORI BELLEwith her sexy wilds-got my attention on instagram from her sexy photo I saw in one of my followers stories that showed a quick clip of the show. Even though I’m not a fan of pornogrind – And they don’t play that shit, either – I was sucked in. The sounds of blood gurgling goregrindcore just took me to that place of complete euphoria.

This is what MTV headbanger was except more sexier, more extreme, more metal and more hardcore, true to the underground extreme metal culture. This is beautiful ADULT ENTERTAINMENT for metal punks, metal enthusiast, and people looking for some demented-refreshing sounds, clips of twisted animated blood drenched cinema, and eye candy for there 30 minute or so viewing (dis)pleasure. They are doing a service of entertainment and of goodwill for our metallic sensibilities.

The show starts of with a VIDEO SEGMENT. When hostess TORI BELLE, ROZZ MONSTER and STINA MORI introduces themselves before giving off beat, comical, and insightful commentary about the music videos they show. Afterwhich, they play releases from various bands of every extreme metal genre from DEATH METAL/DOOM METAL to GOREGRIND/GRINDCORE. From time to time, they have live interviews with bands. The PEELING FLESH interview was a great one to watch. I believe it capture the heart and the soul of the extreme metal culture at best.

It was a very polite and decent interview showing people from these bands sharing personal information about their own lives and interest in media, music, or food, etc. Given that most of the interviews are with Texas bands, because the show is based in Texas, the metal culture is represented respectively by the host and the musicians on this show. This is a perfect example of an healthy lifestyle amongst the extreme metal culture.

If this show is doing anything, it’s allowing for us to bridge the gap for some of metal punks, freaks, and extreme cinema junkies should begin creating more environments, more spaces, and more entertainment centered around our own cultures and our own beliefs. This is one of the best artistic and musical breaths of fresh air I have seen post-COVID-19.

I admit, there would be cries of sexism, but this is healthy-safe fun. I’m not seeing a problem with the sexual overtones of some of the cinema, some of the music or the show. I mean would it be any different if it was an LGBTQ show? I hope not. They have a culture, too. One of the hostess is LGBTQ. She’s beautiful, hot, intelligent and available ladies, sorry bros we can only dream.

In all, if any of you are in the mood to watch a program favorable to underground extreme cinema and underground extreme music culture. I have to hand it to you, I want to make PURGATORY my weekly thing. I have to catch up on some of the episodes. If you go to YouTube check MARCOS ORLANDO TV channel. You will see tons of show he has lined up. PURGATORY as one of them.

I hope we could have an European addition real soon. Something centered around the Obscene Extreme Music Festival (OEF) they have annually in Czech Republic in Trutnov. It would be a compliment to the show, to the culture, to the people, and to MARCOS ORLANDO TV and his Purgatory ladies for creating a beautiful and hopefully new underground entertainment production to last for the next 10 to 20 years.

I think it’s time we metal punks, freaks, and subverts up our game. We have to make alliances and build a culture without status quo interference. MARCOS ORLANDO TV and THE PURGATORY LADIES have my vote of confidence. I’m down with what they are doing. You want to know why…..because They Are Not Just Talking, They Are Acting! They Are Doing! THEY ARE CREATING!

One question you may be wondering: What Is My Favorite Episode? Besides the one titled WORMROT (the one below), I would say the three videos above are in the running. But, every show I watch is uniquely fun and great ADULT ENTERTAINMENT for extreme underground metal and extreme underground cinema fans like myself.


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