As a freak, subvert this blog has a purpose; which is to express and share my version of Reflexivity for readers of different cultures and different environments through stories, poems, photography and videography, etc..

Bodhi Ryuchai

The goal of this blog is to convert into an e-publication. There will future short films, online/live interviews, more experimental photography and videography. Also in the works is an online store and assist in organizing events later in 2021 to fulfill the origin of my mission statement.

Currently, I have a online radio monthly residency on HKCR online radio (The GEETA WINDSTORM Show) and I have my own soundcloud/bandcamp for my Ambient Metal project (Marishiten) & my Noisegrind project (H.A.K.M.), my Facebook and my instagrams: Bodhi Ryuchai/Ryuchairo.

Bodhi Ryuchai -Skill Set



Experimental Musician/Noisician

Online Radio DJ- current residency with HKCR online


Philosopher of Reflexivity