The Metamorphis is coming in 2023.

My Ambient Doom Metal project MARISHITEN will be putting out a conceptual album with remixes of old songs, some new songs, experimental photos with poems and possible experimental video. This dystopian based theme conceptualizes our Post-COVID consciousness instantly. MARISHITEN is receiving all sorts of toxic aura derived from the pandemic presence and absence. MARISHITEN can see this opaque BIJA as a light shining in the … Continue reading The Metamorphis is coming in 2023.

Prevention of the Culture of Violence

In winter of 2019, I lived in Seattle, Washington at the time. I drove from Tacoma to Seattle one night to watch the performance of Lingua Ignota and The Daughters. The atmosphere was grand. I have never been inside this legendary club called Nemo’s. Everything was beautiful that night. I saw Lingua’s exhilarating performance and I caught four songs of The Daughter’s spazzatic noise-to-the-walls noisegaze … Continue reading Prevention of the Culture of Violence

Geeta Windstorm show on Thursday September 16th via HKCR Online Radio

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to conduct a online radio show for HKCR online radio station. I play a wide variety of underground extreme music from artist all over the world. The genres include: Ambient/Drone/Doom/Experimental/Black whether it be electronics/metal/classical/folk/ritual/Post-/-gaze and the like. This month is picking up must steam. My set list is packed up to an hour of underground music. The show will air … Continue reading Geeta Windstorm show on Thursday September 16th via HKCR Online Radio

Notes from the Underground #4

For people north of the border or near, thisquietarmy and Phillip Leonard had a live Audio-Visual performance for Mute Montreal at Place Des Arts in Montreal, Canada this past Thursday. However, there will be a replay of a multi-cam stream via Virtual Mutek platform next week. The schedule posted below: Virtual Play 6 – Première (MTL)09.01 | 20:00_21:25 User timeLive A/V: 20:45_21:25 User time Virtual … Continue reading Notes from the Underground #4

Proposal For All: Into the Green with Robin Falck

There is an architectural craftsman from Helsinki name Robin Falck. His approach to design is simplistic and empirical much like a sculpting craftsman. On instagram the other day, a proposal for all photo of his work popped up on my feed. It was a design for Nolla Cabin. There was a 2018 competition sponsored by Finnish renewable energy company Neste. Robin Falck use this opportunity … Continue reading Proposal For All: Into the Green with Robin Falck

(((Notes from the Underground #2)))

Hey, HKCR online radio just aired and posted on soundcloud my radio show GEETA WINDSTORM. It was my mix for the month of August. I will have another mix for the month of September featuring more Ambient/Drone/Doom/Black genre based music in experimental/metal/gaze/Post-/electronics, etc. In October and November, I will produce a live set for my ambient metal/doomgaze/doom electronics project Marishiten. I may find another artist … Continue reading (((Notes from the Underground #2)))

(((Notes From the Underground)))

Viviankrist of Gallhammer solo doom electronics projects are picking up steam. Under Viviankrist, she recently did a colaboration with Maniac (Ex-Mayhem) experimental project KOGNITIV KOLLAPSE. It’s a remix album with both artist contributing a song with a remix of each others songs. But, Viviankrist is bringing the heat with a new CD Digipack/Digital release on August 27, 2021 on bandcamp entitled Korrumpert Integritet. Also, her … Continue reading (((Notes From the Underground)))