(((Notes from the Underground #5)))

Sorry for such a long and dreadful hiatus. However, this will be a busy season for the Bodhi. What’s new? Well….for one, I live in Paris currently and amidst my asylum problems, I have managed to put some things together. So, without further ado, here are the notes from the underground….. First, I’m currently working on a split with Ghostloop that could be picked up … Continue reading (((Notes from the Underground #5)))

HKCR Fundraiser Compilation Bandcamp Friday

On this bandcamp Friday, I have the distinct pleasure to present the HKCR online radio annual Fundraiser. This annual fundraising compilation features resident DJ’s working with HKCR online radio, this include my Ambient Doom Metal project Marishiten. The following resident DJ’s featured on this compilation are: 3xOJ, acadjmia, Arigto, Bios Contrast, braun.aar, C.SIDE, CNDSD & VIIAAN, DJ Waste, MENTE 3000, Misty Penguin, MZA, Nerve, Noooodle … Continue reading HKCR Fundraiser Compilation Bandcamp Friday

Ambient Communion II Pre-sale video teaser

I have created a video teaser for the upcoming Ambient Communion II compilation. This compilation includes four one-man projects from different parts of the world. Monovoth (Argentina), Einsamkeit (Costa Rica), Altum (United Kingdom), and Marishiten (France, nomadic). This compilation was birth during the COVID-19 era. At a time, when the ambient metal/experimental metal genre began to pick up steam from trailblazers, precedessors like Nadja, Godflesh, … Continue reading Ambient Communion II Pre-sale video teaser

The Metamorphosis is coming in 2023.

My Ambient Doom Metal project MARISHITEN will be putting out a conceptual album with remixes of old songs, some new songs, experimental photos with poems and possible experimental video. This dystopian based theme conceptualizes our Post-COVID consciousness instantly. MARISHITEN is receiving all sorts of toxic aura derived from the pandemic presence and absence. MARISHITEN can see this opaque BIJA as a light shining in the … Continue reading The Metamorphosis is coming in 2023.

GEETA Windstorm First Show of 2022

I started a radio show with the hopes of having live acts, live interviews producing a music compilation, and live streaming. So far, I performed a live pre-recorded set and created Ambient Communion (two down, two to go). This show has been going strong. The numbers are where they should be. I’m proud of what has become of the GEETA WINDSTORM show on HKCR ONLINE … Continue reading GEETA Windstorm First Show of 2022