(((Space Is The Place with Radio Ambient DJ Marcelo Diaz Soto)))

Radio Ambient is such a cool show. It has played a few of my XMarishitenX songs on his show. I’m grateful for the opportunity. I believe he wants me to be a regular. I don’t have a problem with it, if that is the case. However, this interview is a must. I don’t know much about the DJ, but he does play some of the … Continue reading (((Space Is The Place with Radio Ambient DJ Marcelo Diaz Soto)))

(((Notes from the Underground #5)))

Sorry for such a long and dreadful hiatus. However, this will be a busy season for the Bodhi. What’s new? Well….for one, I live in Paris currently and amidst my asylum problems, I have managed to put some things together. So, without further ado, here are the notes from the underground….. First, I’m currently working on a split with Ghostloop that could be picked up … Continue reading (((Notes from the Underground #5)))

HKCR Fundraiser Compilation Bandcamp Friday

On this bandcamp Friday, I have the distinct pleasure to present the HKCR online radio annual Fundraiser. This annual fundraising compilation features resident DJ’s working with HKCR online radio, this include my Ambient Doom Metal project Marishiten. The following resident DJ’s featured on this compilation are: 3xOJ, acadjmia, Arigto, Bios Contrast, braun.aar, C.SIDE, CNDSD & VIIAAN, DJ Waste, MENTE 3000, Misty Penguin, MZA, Nerve, Noooodle … Continue reading HKCR Fundraiser Compilation Bandcamp Friday