Photogenic Interlude: Blissful Thinking

To understand a human’s path, you have to discover his passion. Blissful thinking is such a lucid sensiblity. I was just walking around downtown San Jose in its freeze dried pandemic state, excuse for not using the word COVID for its a dirty word. I saw this gentle man sleeping in the 60 plus degree temperature in the doorway of a building. What I saw … Continue reading Photogenic Interlude: Blissful Thinking

Photogenic Interludes: Olympus OM-1N Photojournal #1

On March 5th of this month, I was lucky, and healthy enough, to go out on a photo excursion nearby at Los Gatos Creek County Park. It’s a nice little nature reserve less than 10 minutes away from where I live here in Nor Cal city of San Jose. I have been meaning to get in some time to work on my photography starting with … Continue reading Photogenic Interludes: Olympus OM-1N Photojournal #1