The Dark Ambient connection of Marla Van Horn & TUKAHDUS graces the Ambient Communion….

I treat the sounds and music as an universal language. No I’m not an artist, I share the moods. TUKAHDUS When I first heard Marla Van Horn and TUKAHDUS music, I was in awe. I never knew experimental musicians could create a dark, abstract soundscape in a unique, strong, and palpable manner. Yet, it seems to me these soundscapes already have a reason for its … Continue reading The Dark Ambient connection of Marla Van Horn & TUKAHDUS graces the Ambient Communion….

Experimental Campaign for the Culture

I just start a gofundme campaign to raise money for A Bodhi’s Way blog and 108 Yadims Recordings. Both these business ventures will cultivate growth with other experimental artist and musicians willing to invest into the future of the experimental music and arts culture. …..For, I’m not an alternative to anything. I am who I am. First and foremost, I’m a metal punk who creates … Continue reading Experimental Campaign for the Culture

(((Space Is The Place with Radio Ambient DJ Marcelo Diaz Soto)))

Radio Ambient is such a cool show. It has played a few of my XMarishitenX songs on his show. I’m grateful for the opportunity. I believe he wants me to be a regular. I don’t have a problem with it, if that is the case. However, this interview is a must. I don’t know much about the DJ, but he does play some of the … Continue reading (((Space Is The Place with Radio Ambient DJ Marcelo Diaz Soto)))

(((Notes from the Underground #5)))

Sorry for such a long and dreadful hiatus. However, this will be a busy season for the Bodhi. What’s new? Well….for one, I live in Paris currently and amidst my asylum problems, I have managed to put some things together. So, without further ado, here are the notes from the underground….. First, I’m currently working on a split with Ghostloop that could be picked up … Continue reading (((Notes from the Underground #5)))

A Green Mind: The Mountain Refuge-Prefab Homes

The Mountain Refuge is a new architectural design firm created by two Italian architectural designers: Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi. The both met at Polytechnic University in Milan during their studies in architectural design. Both of them share philosophical similarites led them to collaborate on various projects; thus, co-funding the Mountain Ridge firm. Furthermore, the mountain ridge prefab/tiny house firm is there genesis. Massimo and … Continue reading A Green Mind: The Mountain Refuge-Prefab Homes

Notes from the Underground #4

For people north of the border or near, thisquietarmy and Phillip Leonard had a live Audio-Visual performance for Mute Montreal at Place Des Arts in Montreal, Canada this past Thursday. However, there will be a replay of a multi-cam stream via Virtual Mutek platform next week. The schedule posted below: Virtual Play 6 – Première (MTL)09.01 | 20:00_21:25 User timeLive A/V: 20:45_21:25 User time Virtual … Continue reading Notes from the Underground #4

(((Notes from the Underground #2)))

Hey, HKCR online radio just aired and posted on soundcloud my radio show GEETA WINDSTORM. It was my mix for the month of August. I will have another mix for the month of September featuring more Ambient/Drone/Doom/Black genre based music in experimental/metal/gaze/Post-/electronics, etc. In October and November, I will produce a live set for my ambient metal/doomgaze/doom electronics project Marishiten. I may find another artist … Continue reading (((Notes from the Underground #2)))

(((Notes From the Underground)))

Viviankrist of Gallhammer solo doom electronics projects are picking up steam. Under Viviankrist, she recently did a colaboration with Maniac (Ex-Mayhem) experimental project KOGNITIV KOLLAPSE. It’s a remix album with both artist contributing a song with a remix of each others songs. But, Viviankrist is bringing the heat with a new CD Digipack/Digital release on August 27, 2021 on bandcamp entitled Korrumpert Integritet. Also, her … Continue reading (((Notes From the Underground)))