(((Notes from the Underground #2)))

Hey, HKCR online radio just aired and posted on soundcloud my radio show GEETA WINDSTORM. It was my mix for the month of August. I will have another mix for the month of September featuring more Ambient/Drone/Doom/Black genre based music in experimental/metal/gaze/Post-/electronics, etc. In October and November, I will produce a live set for my ambient metal/doomgaze/doom electronics project Marishiten. I may find another artist to perform live for one of these shows and Marishiten‘s live performance will be in an outdoor location around the SF bay area.

Dirk Serries will be performing a slough of shows in Europe. Particularly, in his native Belgium and other neighboring European countries. One specific show under one of his alter egos Vidna Obmana (The other alter ego being Fear Falls Burning) will be at Parkstad Limburg Theater, Heerlen NL on August 30th 2021. A matter of fact here is a list the shows he will be performing in Europe during this autumn:

Fear Falls Burning – The Roots Rebellion
Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning)
  • 04.09.21 – GEORGE HADOW & DIRK SERRIES – Groels Chapel (Bocholt, B)
  • 18.09.21 – ANDREW LISLE & DIRK SERRIES – scheune Abriss Festival
  • 18.11.21 – De Ruimte(Amsterdam, NL)
  • 19.11.21 – De Singer (Rijkevorsel, B)
  • 20.11.21 – Jazzblazzt (Neeritter, NL)
  • 21.11.21 – Het Bruggenhuis (Geraardsbergen, B)

One more thing to add, Dirk Serries did an Vidna Obmana performance in a hometown catherdal in Antwerp, Beligum on March 25th of this year. It was a retrospective gift to his fan base as he returned to his roots by performing in a cathedral as Vidna Obmana projects. You can find the performance here dirkserries.bandcamp.com/album/recloose

UK Doomgaze artist Darkher is finally finishing an album 3 years in the making. As announced on her instagram, it was mastered by Michael Zech (Secrets of the Moon) and a release date and vinyl pressing are in the works as we speak. Also, she will be on a 2022 European tour with The Devil’s Trade and Forndom. For more information on Darkher you can check her instagram and Darkher website

Australian Neo-Folk Blackgaze artist Suldusk is currently working on Album #2. It’s getting close to near completion. She currently has her most recent release Lunar Falls which is available for digital and physical copies on her bandcamp and Northern Silence productions. Album #2 will be completed late 2021. Suldusk quotes that working on this album with her bandmates have been quite the uplifting experience during the pandemic. Especially, with Australia’s and New Zealand’s strict COVID limitations to keep their countries on a low infection rate.

Finally, Toronto-born UK-based Doom Electronics artist LUXUL (Emilie-Chirstine P. Newman) is heading up to Toronto and Montreal respectively early September on a bit of a tattoo residency tour. She will appear in Montreal around 2nd-4th of September and in Toronto around 9th-11th of September. She has a unique ‘eyeball/organ grotesque’ design reminiscient of H.H. Giger and Jazz Szu-Ying Chen style of art. If you live in Canada or North America and want to book a date for a tattoo, you can contact via EmilieLuxul Instagram and Emilie email (photos of her design/drawing below). I hope I can make the trip, but my luck as of late……..I don’t know. It’s not looking good.

LUXUL – Alone, For a Second

((((((That’s the notes from the underground))))))

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