Last Day of 2021….

I’m looking forward to 2022. As for 2021, it was another uphill battle to experience. I have discovered so many things about myself and about the environment surrounding me during this strife amongst this pandemic. But, what transpired was the unveiling of my strengths and weaknesses. How they taught me to become the individual I am to be. Bodhi Ryuchai!


All I want to say is whatever transgressed for any of us these past few years…’s gone! We must fold up our blanket, pack our things, and venture down transverse 2022. 2021 is done, so was 2020 and so on….

No time to dwell for the present is now. So, those of you looking for answers to any unresolved questions: look in the mirror alone….the answer sometimes are staring you in the face. This is the Last Day of 2021…..make it count.

Be Safe and Be Healthy. This is not the time for irresponsible behavior. SALUT 2021!

2 thoughts on “Last Day of 2021….

  1. Your thoughts make me think about walking beside the ocean. In that present moment, all seems perfectly well. That is a mentality I hope to carry in each moment no matter what circumstances I may walk through.

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